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Small nonprofit work is undervalued

“The past seven months have been unlike any of us have ever seen. Most of us have been through a range of emotions: scared, confused, and overwhelmed peppered with moments of hopefulness and hopelessness. Honestly, these emotions are like those experienced by nonprofit leadership pretty regularly even without a pandemic. This is why it is so easy for small nonprofits to step up and fill critical gaps without hesitation: taking big risks to meet the needs of the community you serve is natural. Scary is normal when you do scary stuff on the daily.” READ MORE…

Worcester Business Journal | Oct 26, 2020

Organizations like Me Too pledge support for legalizing prostitution, sex buying, pimping

Collateral Damage PODCAST | Season 2. Ep. 32. with Special Guest - Nikki Bell

The Collateral Damage Podcast, hosted by Maureen Cavanagh and Michael Wilson, discuss the impact of addiction in our lives, our families, and within our communities nationwide.

Mike and Maureen meet with Nikki Bell, Founder and Executive Director of LIFT, Living in Freedom Together, to discuss her personal journey into recovery, and into the business of helping others.

Collateral Damage Podcast | Feb 20, 2020

Ruhama Ireland | 30th anniversary conference ~ November 2019

Activists, survivors, frontline agencies and policy-makers from Ireland and across the world gathered in Dublin to call out The Sexual Violence of Prostitution & Pornography.

LIFT CEO Nicole Bell was a featured speaker at the conference.

Ruhama Ireland | November 2019

The Worcester nonprofit Living In Freedom Together, which seeks to help women exit the prostitution industry, will launch a new multi-sector initiative at its annual breakfast on March 6

‘Women lifting women;’ At Jana’s Place, a home for women exiting prostitution, all-women team from Fallon Health helps build food pantry

'It’s dangerous — decriminalizing the whole industry,’ says mayor

Embracing 'sex workers' seems like a progressive policy. In reality, it treats pimps and exploiters like managers and will worsen sexual exploitation.

Advocates say justice system creates vicious circle for victims of rape

Jana’s Place, a first-of-its-kind recovery program for individuals exiting prostitution, will help women find themselves and sisterhood

Prostitution survivors need jobs

Prostitution survivors need jobs
Worcester Business Journal | Sep 30, 2019

Changing The Story About Prostitution In Worcester

LIFT CEO Nicole Bell member of Worcester Business Journal's 2019 '40 under 40' honorees

Jana’s Place creates recovery home in Worcester for victims of prostitution

Turning a house into a recovery home for victims of prostitution: Jana’s Place renovation in progress.
Worcester Telegram & Gazette | Jun 8, 2019

WORCESTER – A safe place for traumatized women is taking shape. Walls and floors are being stripped, woodwork is being refinished and fixtures are being overhauled for the opening of Jana’s Place, a first-of-its-kind holistic residential center for women exiting prostitution and recovering from substance abuse and mental illness.

   Read the entire feature here.

Women in the World Summit 2019 | New York City

10th annual Women in the World summit
CEO and Founder of LIFT, Nicole Bell, is speaking at the Women in the World Summit in New York City.
Nikki’s segment is titled “Humans for Sale” and is scheduled for Friday, April 12th at 11:10am ET. 


“Prostitution isn’t people deferring entrance to Yale… We’re looking at people in poverty, people of color, people coming out of the foster system. It’s not this conceived notion of choice.”

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