LIFT’s services are comprehensive and include support to survivors and victims of CSE, referral to services, education and outreach, and technical assistance.


One of LIFT’s main initiatives is to support to survivors and victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE). We currently offer direct services with women through a number of programs: Weekly drop-ins at a confidential and safe location; Referrals to medical, mental health, housing, detox treatment services; Recovery coaching; Peer mentoring; Leadership opportunities; Transition support for women re-entering the community after incarceration.

Technical Assistance

LIFT provides extensive technical assistance to community-based medical providers, social services agencies, and law enforcement who support victims and survivors of commercial sexual exploitation. Our services include, but are not limited to: Training medical providers and medical students on screening victims of sexual exploitation; Consultation about implementing trauma-informed services; Staff sensitivity training; Data-driven recommendations about strategies for law enforcement, including targeting demand and diversion programs to current victims.


LIFT is committed to systemic changes, and has worked diligently for the last two years to advocate for victims of sexual exploitation. Our advocacy services include: Providing expert testimonies for legislation on human trafficking at the MA State House; Working with Worcester, MA City Council to devise strategies to implement diversion programs and targeting the demand for prostitution; Using data to advocate for policy changes specific to addressing prostitution.

Education and Outreach

LIFT believes that perceptions and attitudes towards victims of commercial sexual exploitation could only be changed via education and outreach. For that reason, LIFT has an active outreach and education programming for local agencies and organizations. Our outreach and education programming include: Lectures and workshops at agencies and universities on commercial sexual exploitation; Dispel myths about prostitution through attendance and participation in community forums and discussions; Actively participate in classroom-based education at local universities and schools to provide an alternative to academic narratives about "choice" by sharing stories about the often violent, dangerous, and dehumanizing realities of "the life".

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