Jana's Place

Jana’s Place is a first-of-its-kind recovery home for women exiting prostitution and recovering from substance use disorder (SUD) with co-occurring mental health disorders. Our recovery model will focus on holistic, sustainable recovery emphasizing self-care, life skills development, and job training opportunities.

A Recovery Home

“We’re not like a clinic. It’s a home. Most of the participants that we see have never had that. We want to offer a space that’s comforting and inviting and that they want to be in and know that we want them in.”

– Nicole Bell, CEO

Jana's Place

Treatment Model

Our treatment model is unique as it does not treat SUD or MHD in a vacuum. Instead
our approach is holistic and comprehensive with survivor-led programming and
participant-centered recovery plans.

Additionally, Jana’s Place assists participants in
achieving long-term recovery through programming that works to reduce several
barriers that participants may face after their time at Jana’s Place. Barriers to gainful
employment, housing, and health care are addressed by providing job-skills training,
professional and life-skills development, and onsite medical care facilities.

Jana’s Place is where survivors will begin to heal, feel empowered to participate in their recovery, and build the social connections and support systems critical to long-term recovery.

To learn more, contact LIFT.

Referral Forms

Jana’s Place is a 15-bed residential treatment program for female survivors of
commercial sexual exploitation with co-occurring SUD and moderate to severe mental
health disorders.

Referral form and participant information can be found here.

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Inside the green vinyl walls of a newly refurbished Worcester three-decker, women will have a chance to find themselves. A chance to start fresh. A chance to find empowerment through sisterhood.

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