The Guardian’s documentary on sex trafficking in the US features LIFT’s work in Worcester

The Guardian’s documentary on sex trafficking in the US features LIFT’s work in Worcester July 15, 2018 The Trap investigates how prisons and jails across the United States have become recruiting grounds for human traffickers, who are targeting incarcerated women and trafficking them out of correctional facilities and into pimp-controlled prostitution. More on this story […]

The Guardian’s article on America’s outcasts: the women trapped in a cruel cycle of exploitation

The Guardian magazine exposes the deadly sex trafficking in US prisons July 15, 2018 A landmark Guardian investigation, produced over 18 months, examines how US sex traffickers recruit jailed women for prostitution. The work culminated in a documentary, The Trap, which exposes the systematic pattern of grooming and recruitment of women prisoners by pimps and […]

The Aftermath

The Aftermath Some days were easier than others. Then there were the others. The ones she didn’t know how she would survive. The ones where she was afraid of everything and everyone and the fair was so tangible she could taste it. She never could explain what it tasted like but from the terror in […]

Holidays, Hope, and Freedom

Holidays, Hope, and Freedom Holidays for many, bring on the excitement of spending time with family and celebrating all we have to be thankful for each year. Today they bring that excitement and gratitude for me as well, but for a long, long time that was not the case. For many years they brought a […]

From snow to sunshine….

From snow to sunshine…. It’s funny how the weather triggers different things from thoughts, to feelings, that turn into storms that just won’t cease. It was often during the winter that I would enter treatment. Simply to have a warm place to rest my head and certainly not because I wanted to change my life. […]

Checked in, pimped out (Worcester Mag)

Thousands of motorists make their way up and down Route 9, the Mass Pike and Interstate 290 everyday, passing by countless hotels and motels, probably without giving a thought to them. To Audra Doody, many of those hotels and motels served as cages where she stayed days at a time, for as long as business was […]

I Dream of Simple Things 

I Dream of Simple Things  I dream of simple things when I dream this dream that I can never get out of my head. It is always raining and I am not sure of the significance of that, or even if there is any significance. It is always gray, and I am always waiting, waiting […]